Microsoft is embracing Samsung. Sort of.

Microsoft has said it will bring Xbox Wireless tech to PCs and other gaming accessories - and that includes Xbox Wireless Controller support for Samsung Gear VR. The Redmond, WA-based company, which is developing its own augmented-reality headset that competes with Gear VR (well, in general, the two companies compete on many levels when it comes to mobile products), announced the news on Xbox Wire.

The first game you'll be able to use with the Xbox Wireless Controller is Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, though you'll eventually be able to use it with any Gear VR title. Keep in mind Microsoft bought Minecraft in 2014 for $2.5 billion. An update for the game, which is already available to play, is scheduled to release in October, bringing compatibility to all Gear VR headset owners.

xbox one controller will soon support samsung gear vr headset image 2

You'll need to have the latest update for the controller as well, so then all you'll have to do is download the virtual reality game's update whenever it arrives next month, then connect your controller via Bluetooth, and start playing.

Microsoft said it is actively working on Xbox controller support for both old and upcoming Gear VR games and will announce more details soon.