(Pocket-lint) - Finally! A virtual reality headset that won't take over your whole head nor kill your neck after five minutes of use.

Chinese VR startup Dlodlo plans to offer a $559 headset this October called the V1 headset. It looks like a thick pair of goggles rather than a massive headset. It's definitely got a slimmer profile than the Rift or Vive. It weighs 88g, whereas the Vive is over 500g, and it has a 1200 x 1200-pixel screen for each eye (105-degree field of view), making it more high-res than both than the Rift and Vive.

The V1 doesn't have any built-in processing power, so it must connect to a PC or an iPhone-like device called the D1, meaning the whole setup can squeeze into a small bag and be used while on the go. It can supposedly deliver a decent experience with minimal juddering and a crisp screen. Demos include one where you can shoot from a pirate ship and 360-degree shots of tourist spots.

The D1 will be sold separately from the headset (the price is an unknown for now), and it runs software called Dlodlo OS, which is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. It will also feature its own app store that'll include 139 3D movies and 76 "independent sports, action adventure, and shooting games". To interact with the game, you'll need a standard game controller. There’s no integrated gamepad like Google's Daydream remote.

Keep in mind this is first-generation stuff. The games and film catalogue should improve over time, and Dlodlo suggested you’ll be able to connect the V1 to iOS or Android devices at some point down the road to presumably run more apps.

Writing by Elyse Betters.