(Pocket-lint) - Virtual reality gaming is currently expensive but it seems some companies are determined to change that.

Alongside AMD’s $199 RX 480 graphics card announced at Computex in Taipei, Microsoft showed a $400 (£277) VR headset made by 3Glasses during its keynote speech at the same event.

The Blubur Series VR headsets sport 1280 x 1440 pixel resolutions for each eye, thanks to two independent 2K screens with respectable refresh rates of up to 95Hz. There’s also an added depth camera to track hand gestures.

The Blubur S1 by 3Glasses is set to launch around the end of the year. The sister headset, Blubur W1, is a wireless all-in-one that we didn’t see at the show but will also launch around the same time.


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You can expect that the W1 will also be relatively affordable as 3Glasses' vice president Philip Kong stated the company's stance quite clearly back in January at CES: "The virtual reality industry has evolved extremely quickly, but until now VR products have come at a steep price for consumers," he said at the time.

"There’s no reason that virtual reality should be inaccessible. The technology is here. 3Glasses’ products retail at accessible price-points and aim to bring the world of virtual reality to the everyday consumer.”

Here, here! We’re looking forward to trying them out for ourselves towards the end of the year.

Writing by Cat Thomas.