(Pocket-lint) - Epson has announced the third generation of its Moverio headset today in the Moverio BT-2000.

This new augmented realty headset wants to blend reality and the virtual world to help make life easier. The BT-2000 features a host of sensors, projectors and a camera to achieve this blend.

Wearers are able to use voice controls, gesture controls and head tracking to interact with the virtual world, while keeping hands free. The 5-megapixel front-facing camera allows for the wearer to share live video feeds, recorded footage and photos.

It also features two batteries, in the handheld control unit, that can be swapped out separately so the unit never needs to be turned off. It should offer four hours on a charge with heavy use.


The idea behind the Moverio range is to enhance the way we work, allowing people with technical tasks to access live information to assist with work.

In the demo we tried there were photos and videos of a printer showing how to fix it. These were accessed by simply looking at a QR code on the printer. There are also software variants that allow for overlaid graphics right on hardware so its easy to see what parts need to be changed.

The future of augmented reality is creeping up faster and faster. It's technology like this, initially aimed at manufacturing, which will help drive the kit we'll all be wearing soon. Imagine fixing your own broken car because you can see what needs to be done, overlaid on the car's parts. It's an exciting future where everyone can become a dab hand at any task, theoretically.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.