When Time magazine put a cut out of Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey on the cover, it was only going to end badly. And now the internet has its meme-focused hands on the image.

The original cover looked like a joke, featuring a cutout of Palmer Luckey plonked onto a beach wearing Oculus Rift. It was inevitable that the internet was going to have its wicked way with the shot.

Already edited photos are starting to storm the interwebs. The inevitable Karate Kid shot has been done. There's even one of Palmer up there with Leonardo DiCaprio riding the Titanic. But that's just the start.

It's a shame this cover is so appaulingly awkward. Virtual reality has been knocking at the doors of the mainstream for years, yet was only seen as a geeky tool. This cover really doesn't help that image. A geek, floating like a Lost Boy in the air, doesn't sex up the VR world one bit.

Perhaps the myriad edits of the photo will lend it the attention VR deserves, albeit in a joke-fest sort of way.

Check out our ever-updating gallery of the best edits so far.

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