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(Pocket-lint) - Magic Leap wants you to see what it's like to play with its virtual reality-like technology.

Google-backed Magic Leap is a multimillion-dollar startup developing augmented reality platform that could one day rule our lives, but in the meantime, it's releasing a video to show off what a video game might look like while running on its hardware. Magic Leap was apparently supposed to demo the video at TED, but it was unable to for whatever reason, so now the whole thing is live on YouTube.

The video starts by showing a first-person view of interactions with apps like YouTube and Gmail, but then things switch over to a shooter game with some tower defense-style gaming. TechCrunch described the demo as an "in-office virtual shooter experience" and claimed it was created in conjunction with Weta Workshop, a conceptual design studio that's worked on everything from the new Mad Max Fury Road to District 9.

Magic Leap hasn't clarified whether the video above is a concept or a live example of software running on its platform, but it reminds us a lot of the first Google Glass promo video from a couple years back, which was just a concept Google released to hype up its new wearable.

Writing by Elyse Betters.