(Pocket-lint) - We've just got as close as possible to experiencing what it must be like to be Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit thanks to a new augmented reality headset due out later this year. 

You see, we've just been trying out Seer, a new low-tech augmented reality helmet that uses your smartphone and a series of mirrors to overlay a heads-up display on to a plastic visor that sits across your face.

Looking like something out of a science fiction movie or a BAE Systems fighter pilot helmet, the idea is that you slip your mobile phone (up to 6-inches) into a slot on the top of the headset and that, using some clever optics, overlays information on the visor.

Dedicated apps, for which there will be an SDK the founder tells us, will then let developers create interactive apps that overlay information on the screen that seamlessly adapts as you move around.


The trick for newcomer Caputer Labs is that because the main crux of the technology is in the phone that you already own, the device is only expected to cost $100 when it starts its Kickstarter campaign next week.

The easiest way to explain how it works it to think of Google Cardboard, but with the ability to see through the experience rather than just staring at your phone screen through special lenses. Samsung's Gear VR, like Google Cardboard and now Seer, all use smartphones, rather than needing you to be hardwired to a computer elsewhere.

A spokesman for the company said that users will get a 100 degree field of view that fully immerses, you rather than looking at specific information via a single eye piece as with Google Glass.

The catch? You do have to have the full see-through face shield on for it to work which will no doubt end in awkward looks. However we can easily this this technology tied into bicycle or ski helmets, delivering info like route guidance or vital stats. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.