(Pocket-lint) - Audi has teamed up with Samsung to bring virtual reality to Audi showrooms for the launch of the new Audi TT.

The new TT will be on display - and available to buy - from Saturday 15 November across the UK, and you'll be able to get a taste of the driving experience from the Samsung Gear VR headset in store. 

You'll be able to slip the virtual reality headset on and access exclusive Audi content to learn more about the car in a more immersive environment.

We sat down to take a lap of the test track, driven by the car's designer, using the Audi Virtual Reality kit at Audi City London.

Thanks to the Samsung Gear VR, you can investigate the interior, watch the driver talking to you, or simply gaze wistfully out of the window.


And this isn't animation, it's proper video content, captured and generated specifically for the Gear VR. Paired with the Samsung Level-Over headphones, you get to hear the meaty purr of the engine too. It's a great experience and if you're a fan of either Audi or emerging VR technologies, it's well worth checking out.

The pairing of Audi and the Samsung Gear VR headset sees its first commercial application, and Audi were keen to point out that it's ideally suited because it is wireless, the display elements coming from a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 handset slipped into the front.

The partnership makes perfect sense on another level as the Audi TT is packed full of tech, featuring a virtual cockpit of its own.

The 12.3-inch display replaces the conventional instrument cluster, making for a more dynamic driver information display.


Powered by Nvidia's Tegra platform, you can have full-screen mapping, you can hit the view button on the steering wheel to change what you're shown and reduce the size of the dials, or pull up additional relevant information.

The interior design of the new TT reflects the dynamics of the display, looking to reduce clutter and remove unnecessary buttons, something that suits the smaller size of the Audi TT interior very well.

Both the new Audi TT and the Samsung Gear VR will be hitting Audi showrooms on Saturday. It's well worth dropping in for a browse.

Writing by Chris Hall.