Archos, the technology company that seems to diversify each time we hear from it has entered the virtual market with a devices a bit like Samsung's Gear VR.

The Archos VR Glasses require a smartphone with a screen size of up to 6-inches to provide the display, but isn't just reliant on Android devices. It can be coupled with an Android, Windows Phone or iPhone handset, which slots into the front of the headset.

Up to 100 virtual reality applications can then be run on the phone while the Archos glasses provide stereoscopic view to the action on screen.

In addition, any side-by-side 3D content run on the phone will be viewable through the glasses, which will be available to buy from Archos' retail website from November.

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"Consuming digital content has gone through lots of revolutions lately. virtual reality is another one that we are sharing with people by providing high quality yet attainable devices," said Loïc Poirier, CEO of Archos.

As they are not powered though, there is no spacial awareness factored into the glasses themselves. VR apps that use the motion sensors in a phone will work however, and will give the illusion of a virtual reality experience.

The Archos VR Glasses will retail for £24.99.