(Pocket-lint) - Recon has released an update statement for its Jet heads-up display glasses that are being hailed as "Google Glass for sports".

Recon Jet is a set of sports glasses with the heads-up display interface that's already proved popular for use in snowboard and ski goggles. This scaled down version will affix to the outside of the glasses which are ergonomically shaped for sport.

The update announcement said that they are now rated to IP65 standard. This means they can withstand the most heavy rain you end up getting caught out in. They won't be able to survive in the shower at high pressure, or being submerged, but for most situations you won't have to worry.

The Jet glasses will also come with a protective casing called The Hanger. This not only holds and protects the $700 glasses, but also has room for spare lenses and "spare batteries".  The wording suggests the battery is removable which could prove a great asset as that is one of the biggest weaknesses of Google Glass.

Like Google Glass these will also look a little silly with the large display on the outside. But Recon says it's been working on making this more streamlined with the display viewing angle getting perfected along with the camera orientation.

On the software front Recon has been pushing new builds multiple times per week while testing. It now claims to have got the GPS-lock time down dramatically while improving accuracy of data recording. The data is laid out on an updated version of the Engage website for information at a glance.

There was no mention of release date issues so presumably it will still be coming for 25 September as Recon previously announced.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.