We've seen plenty of prototypes of the Oculus Rift, each of which looking large and cumbersome, albeit a little more rounded with each generation. However, there's still not a sniff of a consumer version and when it does arrive, will the Facebook-owned Oculus VR expect the general public to invest in the same clunky headsets?

Or will it redesign the product to look more in-fitting with modern gadgetry. After all, Sony's Project Morpheus is a fairly sleek-looking device that trounces the strap-an-egg-box-to-your-face mentality of the Rift in a beauty contest.

Therefore, designer Carlos Pendas has designed an Oculus Rift concept that would sit more with consumers. It has three main features: a curved screen, integrated headphones and a gesture recognition system. But most importantly, it is light and aesthetically pretty.

how oculus rift could look when facebook s consumer version is ready image 3

Of course, Pendas designed it for a spot of fun, but considering the end result, we'd be disappointed now if the consumer Oculus Rift headset is anything else.

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