(Pocket-lint) - If clothes shopping is as hated a task for you as it is for us, the augmented reality changing room will be a welcome innovation.

We got to try out a sample model at the Flux Innovation Lounge in east London organised by Engage Productions. The device, made by Fashion 3D, has been created to sit in clothes shops so users can try on items without actually getting near-naked. This will theoretically save time, space and cut down on theft.

The Fashion 3D unit uses a set of cameras and sensors that look like two Kinects strapped to the side of a big screen. The user stands in line with screen markings to calibrate, then they can use the nearby iPad to virtually dress themselves in a selection of items. The response, while we were using it, was nearly instantaneous.


The variation in clothing materials is reflected on the screen. Where a t-shirt will flow lightly as a user moves, the robot armour has a more clunky feel. Ideal for costume shops then.

While the clothes we saw are for the demo unit, any company could easily get its range on there, presumably after scanning each item or using 3D garment designs.

While this is a bit of fun for us, with potential for shop use we're excited about how it could be adapted in the future. Imagine using this with your current Kinect. There'd be no need to leave the house, like online shopping, except this way you'd really know what you're getting and potentially how well it fits. Add it to Google Glass and every walk to the shops could be a quest through Middle Earth if it can clothe pedestrians correctly.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.