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(Pocket-lint) - Oakley has updated its Airwave goggles, improving a number of key features for those who want the technological edge on the slopes.

In time for the new season, the new Airwave goggles feature a small heads-up display that will let you track your speed, jump height, vertical feet by run, temperature, navigation and even track your mates also wearing their Airwave goggles or running the app on their phone.

The Airwave 1.5 has added more than 200 resort slope maps, allowing you to pinpoint your exact location.

Using Recon's MOD Live heads up display tech you get what is equivalent to a 14-inch screen that is five feet away in the corner of your vision to be able to check what is going on.

Pocket-lintoakley airwave 1 5 goggles deliver heads up display for the slopes image 5

While it is still a long way from sci-fi movies, where you see your entire viewpoint covered in a mesh of information, for many the appeal is clear to see.

New this year, Oakley has also introduced a remote control that can be strapped to your arm that can be used while wearing your gloves. Without a screen it should be robust enough to take a few bumps and bruises when you go flying after a bad move on that black run you've just tackled.

According to Oakley an improved battery life means the Airwave 1.5 will work for six hours on a single charge.

Those more concerned with the goggles performance rather than the tech aspects will be pleased to hear that the Airwave 1.5 features Oakley's Switchlock technology so you can swap out the lenses when you need to. Lens tints include Persimmon, Dark Grey, Black Iridium, Fire Iridium, Hi Yellow Iridium and VR50 Pink Iridium. The goggles, are of course, also fog free.

Writing by Stuart Miles.