Although it's unlikely we'll see a consumer release for Google Glass this year, it seems Twitter is working on an app for the augmented reality spectacles.

Twitlio developer Jonathan Gottfried noticed yesterday that some tweets using the Google Glass hashtag #ThroughGlass started to appear with the source being Twitter for Glass. One from an account under the name @MogroothMuddler included a picture and the phrase "Just shared a photo", which sounds automated. That account has since been deleted, but @Mogrooth belongs to Shiv Ramamurthi, a mobile engineering manager at...Twitter.

Thankfully, Gottfried managed to take a screen grab of the original tweet before the account went AWOL, so it's currently doing the rounds. And the smart money is on its being the real deal.

That Twitter is making an application for Google Glass is not in itself unusual; that it's in a position to test a working version this far ahead of a consumer release is interesting, however.