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(Pocket-lint) - Underwear brand Wonderbra has embraced smartphone and augmented reality technologies to give its new advertising campaign a saucy edge. Pictures of a fully-clothed Wonderbra model and supermodel Adriana Cernanova are appearing in print, online and on the UK high streets, but when you hold your iPhone or Android device up to them, you'll see her in just her bra and pants.

The lingerie firm became most famous after its "Hello Boys!" campaign in 1994, which featured a revealing picture of Eva Herzigová in just her skimpies plastered on billboards around the UK. At the time, there were even (unconfirmed) reports of car crashes around sites where the advert was placed, caused by male drivers taking their eyes off the road.

Now it seems the brand has come up with a new, fun way to distract attention, and using the latest technologies, to boot.

To see the adverts transform, you will need to download the free Wonderbra Decoder application from iTunes or Google Play. Wonderbra has provided QR Codes on each of the ads to help, but you can also find the apps using Apple's and Google's respective searches.

Open the app itself, then simply hold your phone up to the compatible pic or video and, if it aligns with the coded bars either side of Cernanova, bob's your uncle.

The campaign will run until November, so keep them peeled for compatible media. While it's not exactly an original idea - companies have been using AR to enhance their advertising presence for a while, including The Rolling Stones for their latest greatest hits release - we suspect that this will get more exposure. Ahem.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.