(Pocket-lint) - Singer songwriter Ed Sheeran features on a new single by UK rapper Devlin, who is offering fans the chance to watch an exclusive cut by pointing their smartphones at dedicated advertising posters around the country.

Using the Aurasma augmented reality application, iOS and Android device owners need only to hold their phones up to one of more than 2,000 of the applicable pictures and the stars will come to life to perform some of the new track, Watchtower. In addition, fans can click through to buy the single for around £1.99 before it goes on general release on 19 August.

"Nowadays it seems everyone has a smartphone and making posters play music is a cool way of using one," said Devlin.  "Hopefully, it makes the walk to work or the wait at the bus stop more enjoyable."

If you want to watch the exclusive video, just download the free Aurasma Lite application from either iTunes or Google Play. Find one of the posters, spark up the app and watch to your heart's content. Get a few mates 'round and it could be the next big thing after silent discos.

AR gigs, it's the future.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.