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(Pocket-lint) - Qualcomm, alongside augmented reality experts Vuforia, has demoed a series of new AR adverts at CES that continue to show what is possible with the technology and how it plans to change advertising not in the distance future, but right now.

New examples we've spotted include an advert for Scandinavian shoe company Viking that sees an advert of a footprint in the mud.

That's pretty mundane, but by downloading the accompanying app from Vuforia from the Android Market users can then scroll through the company's entire shoe catalogue with the shoes appearing in 3D when looked through the user's smartphone.

Users will be able to then move around the shoe as if was there in real life, seeing the different designs.

It is very clever.

Pocket-lintthe augmented reality adverts that are leaping off the page image 9

But it isn't just shoes getting the AR experience. Another example on display was from Mercedes-Benz.

Again the advert isn't exciting at all - merely some tarmac, but once you load up the accompanying app and show the phone the advert, the company's latest car appears in 3D allowing you a number of options to customise what you see.

Moving your smartphone around lets you take in all angles of the car as if it was a 3D model in front of you, rather than just a piece of paper.

Others on display included showing the trailer for a movie just by showing your phone the advert.

Vuforia says that more and more companies are starting to embrace the technology and that what we are seeing today is just the start. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.