Vuzix, the company that manufactures video eyewear with individual screens in each lens, has announced a new, improved model, the Wrap 1200, that offers 3D, 16:9 widescreen and an equivalent display screensize of 75-inches (as if you were sitting 10 feet back). It's available in the States in limited quantities already, but Pocket-lint has been exclusively told that a European version will launch at IFA in Berlin from 31 August.

In addition to 3D, the Vuzix Wrap 1200 video eyewear can also be used to watch 2D movies and content in high resolution, and it features independent left and right eye focal adjustment. There's connectivity for both component and composite video, and it comes complete with noise-cancelling stereo headphones.

Another feature that makes its debut on the 1200 is the company's proprietary AccuTilt technology, which allows a user to adjust the eyewear up or down by up to 15-degrees in order to achieve the optimum viewing angle and a customised fit.

A virtual reality version of the glasses is also on its way, Vuzix Wrap 1200VR, which will include the same features as the general model but with added head tracking.

There's no details on a UK price for the Wrap 1200 as of yet, but in the US the package is being sold for $499.99 (£308.42).

We'll bring you more from IFA as Pocket-lint is due to attend in force.