Top 10 uses of augmented reality in the movies

A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to see aliens living among normal people. Not the usual use of AR but an intriguing one. (image credit: Alive Films/Universal Pictures)
This is probably the best example of AR out there. A heads up display that lets pilots see essential information for the battle. (image credit: Paramount Pictures)
AR scanners that highlight items someone is carrying through a security checkpoint. (image credit: TriStar Pictures)
The Terminator's AR tech allows him to measure up people for their clothes and also assess who's been killed nearby. (image credit: TriStar Pictures)
Iron Man's suit is so kitted out with AR goodies that it gives stacks of real-time information so that Tony Stark can do what he does best. (image credit: Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures)
Tom Cruise embraces Augmented Reality with aplomb in this sci-fi set in 2054. Is this the future of computing? We're excited to see. (image credit: 20th Century Fox/DreamWorks Pictures)
There's a lot of AR in Avatar including the big map in the HQ that shows the Na’vi’s tree, the stacks of spaceships that use HUD screens to navigate and more. (image credit: 20th Century Fox)
Robocop uses an AR head mounted display to get mission objectives, suss out danger and pick off targets to dispatch. Useful. (image credit: Orion Pictures)
Remember the cleaning robots who use scanners to analyse the dirt on Wall-e? (image credit: Pixar/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
The Predator's helmet lets him see heat signals from Dutch and fellow soldiers in the jungle, sussing out how to eliminate the threats. (image credit: 20th Century Fox)
AR is used here to illustrate Ed Norton's character (The Narrator) and his love affair with the Ikea catalogue. (image credit: 20th Century Fox)