Although Vuzix has just launched its £1499 3D augmented reality glasses, its Wrap 920AR headset, primarily for the development community and software professionals, this is only the latest salvo by the company in its AR roadmap.

Indeed, the company already has a substantial contract with the US Army to develop see-through glasses incorporating augmented reality heads-up displays, and has plans to bring similar technologies to the consumer market sometime in the near future.

David Lock, director of operations EMEA region, exclusively told Pocket-lint that Vuzix has already been working with the American military and supplies monocular heads-up displays for round-the-corner sniping - all very Ghost Recon stuff. However, as he explained, this is only the start: "We're only one year away from having see-through AR specs", he said.

In addition, independent AR expert Ken Blakeslee told us that the army stateside has given Vuzix "$650,000" to develop binocular heads-up displays for the battlefield.

And Lock believes that the by-product of this R&D will directly benefit the gadget market. He boldly stated that Vuzix will bring clear AR glasses to shops in around "18 months".

Far fetched? Blakeslee doesn't think so: "The technology is already here. It's the application of that technology that's the next step".

For that, Vuzix will need help from the development community. And that's where the Wrap 920AR kit, with its free 3D AR SDK comes in.

Exciting times.

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