Iron Man 2 hits cinemas on 30 April in the UK (7 May in the US) and fans can work themselves into a frenzy in anticipation by visiting - a dummy site where several viral videos and tech concepts await.

The latest section of the site to go live, for Stark Industries-subsidiary Fujikawa, unveils the Stark HUD 2020, a pair of augmented reality glasses that promise geo-location services, weather and traffic updates, and a mood-monitoring jukebox, among other features.

Of course, it’s all a bit of fun, but the video certainly makes us wish it was real...

UPDATE: And the viral site is not the end of the fun that Paramount and Marvel Studios have for IM2 fans... The company has just launched a second, interactive, augmented reality experience at

If you have a webcam, and are willing to install the DFuzion add-on from Total Immersion, you can actually be part of the site...

You could be Iron Man... in a jumper... oh yes.

augmented reality visor revealed by tony stark image 2