Yell has issued an update to its iPhone application which adds Augmented Reality. If you're unfamiliar with the term, then imagine an overlay on life that marks points of interest, shops and businesses. Using the iPhone's camera, GPS and compass, Yell has built that overlay.

As you move the phone's display around, it marks locations with yellow boxes. If you tap one of those boxes, then info is displayed about the business' address, phone number, opening hours and a website. That data comes from Yell's database. There's also a radar display at the top, a categories bar if you're looking for something specific, and an option to set the range of detection.

Yell's director of new media product marketing, Matthew Bottomley, said: "We’re pleased with the result of our first experiment with Augmented Reality and are now working on fully integrating AR with our mobile service later in the year". Let's hope that work includes work on other platforms as well as the iPhone.

Yell's iPhone app is free, and available now in the App Store.