Best Sony PlayStation VR games 2021: Top virtual reality experiences

This is a brilliant, charming VR game that the whole family can enjoy (although only one of you can wear the goggles at once)!

(image credit: Sony)

A stylish shooter that's a lot like a puzzler, this game will have you feeling superhot in no time at all.

(image credit: SUPERHOT Team)

Not many feelings can match that of strapping on Batman's own equipment to take on crime in Gotham in VR.

(image credit: Warner Bros)

One of the best-selling games of all time, Skyrim is just as fantastic in VR as it is out of it.

(image credit: Bethesda)

The old-school classic is reinvented in this blazingly colourful, inventive reboot of Tetris.

(image credit: Resonair)

Not many games can match the sense of speed you get from driving a supercar in VR, and DriveClub delivers that in spades.

(image credit: Evolution Studios)

Shoot your way out of trouble in outer space in this well-designed, diverse campaign.

(image credit: Impulse Gear)

Arcade fun doesn't get much better than this, with a smartly-designed VR setup letting you take the cockpit of a blasting tank.

(image credit: Rebellion)

There's not shame in being too scared to play Resident Evil 7 in VR - it's terrifying enough without the total immersion the headset offers.

(image credit: Capcom)

A fun shooter with an engaging story and amazing production values, Blood and Truth looks brilliant and is a blast to play.

(image credit: SIE London Studio)