Keeping things simple is generally a pretty good bet, as all too often interfaces and information can get a little bit, well, much.

And regardless of how wonderful you think Twitter might be, a cut down version showing just the info you really want (the tweets) would be very welcome. And in a peculiar way having a little of something nice, as opposed to the full-fat experience, can at times be every bit as satisfying. So it's with this in mind that we present you with our App Of The Day.

Trickle for Twitter

iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

We reckon this app is a great one for anybody wanting to keep abreast of their Twitter stream during the working day, as it cuts away the bits you don't really need all the time, leaving you with just the tweets. These scroll across your iPhone screen keeping you updated, and means you can merrily go about working without having to go into a separate window to get the feed.

It basically acts as a rather fancy screensaver, which unfortunately can't be activated automatically, whilst a couple of handy icons at the bottom of the screen allow you to retweet and favourite anything you take a liking to.

app of the day trickle for twitter review iphone  image 2

Get past the very simple display and there are a few options that will make sure you can customise the app to your liking; these include changing the refresh time and tweet speed, whilst you can also change the way links are displayed and opened - all very user-friendly.

The search function is good, and means you can specify a particular stream and the pull to refresh feature is also handy.

Needless to say if you're a Twitter fan then for 59p it's a bit of a bargain, although the makers say that they're still refining the app and it'll only be on sale for a limited time.