When the official Twitter app came out for iPhone, Android and even the desktop, it seemed as if we'd heard the last of any third part action on the microblogging front. Well, not so according to Tweetdeck, which is not only still going strong but has also just launched a beta version of its app on Android.

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What TweetDeck offers over the others, and particularly the official Twitter app, is that it not only brings you all messages from those you follow, but it actually integrates your other social network accounts as well and all into one single timeline.

That means you can get rid of your dedicated Foursquare, Facebook, Google Buzz and whatever other Twitter app you're using, save a little space on your mobile and install TweetDeck instead.

Before the Android users get too excited, the beta version of TweetDeck hasn't quite hit the Market just yet. It's been announced and should be arriving shortly. But just in case any iPhone users were about to snigger into there crisp packets, you might also like to know that the Android version is the only one that integrates Foursquare and Buzz, as well as Facebook and Twitter - for now, at least.

Each network is associated with a different colour to give users a better idea of who said what where, and it's definitely worth checking out as an alternative to the stale, not that old, official app. Reports are that it's been very nicely integrated into the smaller screen size. Let us know what you think.