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(Pocket-lint) - It's the number one requested features according to Sonos, but now that it's here, is it any good? Pocket-lint was invited on to the beta programme for the new service a couple of weeks ahead of the official launch so we could tell you whether Spotify for Sonos has been worth the wait.

After a quick update on your CR200 controller, and therefore all your Sonos speaker systems around your house, you are ready to go. As you might expect that update process is incredibly simple. Press the upgrade button and walk away. The only requirement from your part is that you don't turn anything off during the process. Our Sonos system consists of four zones. The update process took around 5 minutes - enough time to enjoy a cup of tea.

Once the update has been installed you've then got to select Spotify from the music services menu. Here you either login or set-up a new account. You will need a Premium account for you to be able to use Spotify on your Sonos system and in the UK that costs £9.99 a month. On the plus side it means you can also use the service on your mobile phone as well and enjoy ad-free listening on your computer.

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The user interface has been designed to be in keeping with the overall design of the Sonos interface and clicking on the Spotify icon brings you up your playlists, as well as the ability to search artists, albums, and tracks. While Spotify doesn't have every track under the sun, it has a lot, a and lot that you probably haven't heard of either. Sound and streaming quality is good. Audiophiles will be pleased to hear everything is 320kbps encoded. 

Disappointingly you don't get the Spotify radio stations within the offering like you do on the desktop versions or, like the mobile offering, suggestions of the latest tracks that you should be listening to. Still there is nothing to stop you creating a playlist on the PC or Mac with the Spotify software and then accessing it via your Sonos system in the living room.

In use and the system is very easy to use. For the first time Spotify is now in your living room, bedroom, bathroom or anywhere else you've got a Sonos box and that means it's freed from the PC. 

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But the update doesn't just come to the CR200 controller, it applies across other Sonos controlling devices too, so that means your iPhone will get the update and you'll also soon be able to download an iPad app as well. We've seen both (although didn't use them for this review) with the Spotify icon appearing in your music menu.

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Easy to set-up, easy to manage, and a stack of tracks at your disposal, the real strength here is the playlists that you can create or get your mates to create and then enjoy listening to.

If you like music, and you've already got Sonos system this is a no brainer if you're happy to add another £10 subscription service to your life.

If you're a Spotify fan then you've probably already worked out how to get music into the various parts of your house, this however makes those convoluted workarounds considerably easier and adds strength to the Sonos portfolio.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 9 September 2010.