At the end of 2011, Spotify jumped aboard the app revolution, taking to the stage in New York to announce that apps would now be part of the Spotify platform.

Daniel Ek, Spotify founder and CEO, announced the HTML5 powered app platform and described it as a "Spotify revolution". He said the inclusion of apps, that are able to tap into the wealth of Spotify tracks (15 million strong and growing at a rate of 20,000 every day), signified the "next big step for music".

The apps are created by the "best and the brightest" said Ek, and today's App of The Day takes a British made one for a spin.


Spotify Apps

Since Facebook and Spotify announced that they were going steady last year it's been easier than ever to tap into your pals' musical interests and basically copy what the cool kids do.

But sometimes it's difficult to get into a new band if you accidentally jump head-first into a psychedelic B-side with hidden subliminal messages. And whiet Spotify provides a most-popular option, there's never really been a community element to that.

That's where Top10 comes in. It taps into the wealth of Facebook-connected Spotify users to build a plethora of, you guessed it, Top 10 lists. And it's not just the top 10 songs from a particular artist; you can also choose and browse top 10s for any category that you're little brain can handle.

So, feel free top knock up your top 10 Nirvana tunes, or take a look at the top 10 Take That songs - but also take notice of the top 10 party poppers or the top 10 songs from the movies.

You can submit your own top 10s easily enough by dragging and dropping tunes into a list (which you can re-order to your heart's content) and, in true Eurovision style, these songs are given points depending on where you place them.

You can then send your list to your buddies, view global top 10 lists, top 10 lists from just your friends and so on. You can even subscribe to a living, breathing (well, ever-changing, at least) top 10 list that will update the more people vote on them.

Tom Leathes, CEO of Top10, explains: "Digital music services have given us access to an incredible source of music but we think it’s hard to find the best songs amid so much information. With the Top10 app, we want to help everyone easily discover the tunes people love and provide a fun way to create and share beautiful, hand-crafted Top10 playlists on Spotify.

"Music is inherently social - people love to share their favourite songs, but the days of thoughtfully created mixtapes swapped between friends are long gone. Our app aims to bring back the concept of hand-picked record collections that represent our music taste in this digital age."

And we think it does just that. So get involved, the more people who join in, the better the Top10s will be.