Communication, communication. If there were a programme about the most successful mobile phone apps hosted by Kirsty and Phil on Channel 4, that would probably be what it was called. It’s the What’s Apps of this world, the Skypes and the BBMs that have made the smartphone world go around once all of the “addictive” freemium app games have lost their sheen and once you’ve realised that you can’t get any further without paying for your power-ups.

So, today, we have an app of the day that’s all about communication. It’s entirely free and there’s no in-app purchases required.


iOS, Android, BB & WP


GroupMe site

GroupMe is a smartphone-based, group IM chat service acquired by Skype in 2011. It’s a quick and easy way to message lots of people at the same time, using only a tiny amount of data and otherwise costing users nothing at all. You can download the free app for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. So, that’s just about everyone covered.

secret skype voice messages and sms image 4

Once inside the app, you can set up groups - or probably what you’d call Circles if you were a big user of Google+. Each group essentially acts as a live, private chat room for you and yours, so it’s a very nice little way of co-ordinating activities between various enclaves of your social life.