O2's take on location-based deals arrived today in the form of Priority Moments, an app specially for O2 customers that grants them access to some pretty juicy offers. 

Everything form Yo Sushi! to Halfords has gotten involved in the deals setup, with significant savings to be made on things like food and shopping. The Odeon is even offering half price adult and teenager tickets between Sunday and Thursday. 

O2 Priority Moments

iOS and Android
iTunes, Android Market

Fire the app up and you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number, seconds later a text will be sent with a code that grants you access to the service. Enter this and you are through the login process. From there on out it's a relatively simple setup, tapping "me" allows you to shift your shopping preferences up and down so you get notified of deals relevant to you. 

There is a list of all the "moments" nearby which gives you an overview of deals. Careful, things can get pretty tempting. Once you tap on one then you get given a map with a more specific location, along with exact details of the offer.

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Deals are instantly redeemable and nearly all of the 30 partners O2 have teamed up with have something good to offer. If you are struggling to get your head round exactly how the app works, hit info, inside is a step by step guide to using Priority Moments.

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To be honest things are so straightforward that we really doubt you will struggle. Short of selecting a shop and redeeming the offer, there is little else to worry about.

One minor niggle is that it isn't searchable, things are just location based, so you can't use it to find out if your favourite shop has any savings to be made. The way deals are redeemed also varies, some are codes, others just tips on where money can be saved. 

We definitely like the idea of network specific deals, especially given that O2 is claiming a possible £105 saving per month. Whilst we expect that only applies to the biggest of spenders, the odd cheap cinema trip or half price spa treatment (if that's your thing), is definitely worth indulging in. 

Priority moments or Groupon?