UPDATE: Regular readers may remember this application appearing as a Pocket-lint App of the Day back in October last year, but if you've just watched tonight's (11 May) The Apprentice on BBC One and BBC One HD you'll know more about its origins, and the reasons it made our hallowed hall of fame.

We won't go too much into why we chose it (it made us laugh, basically), but it was a clear favourite of ours at the time.

Sadly though, it is our understanding that Slangatang is no longer available for download on any of the devices mentioned. Maybe, if you write nicely to the BBC, the corporation may decide to re-release it for charity or something.

In the meantime, read our original entry and scold yourself if you didn't manage to download it at the time...

Not all apps need to have menu system after menu system of stats, point out preferred toilets in Prestatyn, or allow you control a fluffy budgie in a sling, some of them can just make you giggle.

Indeed, when you’re looking for a free application to play to your mates in order to raise a smile or a snort or two, simple can often be the best. You’re not going to get a laugh down the pub with an on-screen text-representation of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Instead, why not just play a silly voice or two? Now, there’s a idea…


Android, Nokia, BlackBerry
Free (for 24 hours)
Android Marketplace, Ovi Store, App World

Regional accents are very en vogue these days. You can’t escape the flood of regional accents on prime time TV, especially, it seems, the Geordie twang - as sported by Ant and Dec and Cheryl Cole. But, there’s a good reason why they’ve replaced the plum English drawl dominating the airwaves in the 1950s; they’re more interesting and, let’s face it, funny. 

Slangatang capitalises on the latter. It’s a multiple device app that plays on our base humour circuits, and gives us a good giggle at a whole range of different voices, from Scouse to Cockney to the, frankly, always amusing Aussie garble.

app of the day slangatang review android nokia blackberry  image 3

And it does it, remarkably, without offending. 

Stereotypes they may be, but the developers have been careful to have its characters seem charming and personable - no mean feat when trying to make people laugh. And it has enormous potential to introduce so many new characters that it could appeal to a mightily wide audience. 

But, what makes Slangatang a Pocket-lint App of the Day is its simplicity. Oh, and the fact that it’s free and available to download right now.

So go on, check it out, it could give you giggle or two, and what have you got to lose? Unless you’re an Australian, that is.

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