Instagram, the darling app of the iPhone world, has finally arrived on Android. Turning up on the Google Play store relatively unannounced, the new application lets Android users share retro-style images. 

Incorporating all that "new age fun with a vintage feel" which iPhone lovers have so long boasted about, it works virtually identically to the iOS counterpart. You sign in and are greeted with a feed of all those you follow on Instagram. This will show all the pictures taken in recent history by friends; you can then comment or favourite them.

instagram for android lands we go hands on image 1

On top of this - and this is where Instagram gets really fun - you can snap your own shots and upload them to the Twitter-style timeline. From the looks of it, every single retro-style filter from the iOS app has been retained on the Android version. It also uploads and shares snaps as quickly as the iPhone, which is crucial to the way Instagram operates. 

In fact from our very brief play with the application, everything is identical on both platforms. This is great news for Android users and Instagram itself. Not only will the service get new users, but everyone can take advantage of what the app can do.

instagram for android lands we go hands on image 2

Instagram can also share your shots with sites such like Facebook and Twitter, as well as Foursquare and Tumblr. A good-looking app and worth a download for Android photo fans - from what we have seen it is already the best Android camera application available. Shame it just didn't arrive earlier. 

Grab Instagram for Android here

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