Less than two weeks to go until Christmas and that can only mean one thing. Yep, you guessed it - it's time for another door to be opened on our special App-vent Calendar. As the festive spirit creeps into the office, you're bound to find more and more of your colleagues engrossed in Christmas-themed computer games when they're supposed to be doing some terribly important work - and this could well be one of the guilty games.

Chrome (Google)
Chrome Web Store

This game is available as a free, downloadable app on Google's Chrome browser and as with many Christmas-themed games, some nasty fellow has run off with all the presents. In this case, it's an evil sprite. Not to worry though, as the fool is dropping them out of the sky from his futuristic sleigh, so you just have to run backwards and forward to catch them using the arrow keys.

app vent calendar day 12 catch the presents chrome  image 3

This festive little game is very simple, but extrememly addictive. A word of warning - if you want to play this at work, then turn the sound off first, otherwise the Christmassy music may well give you away.