Garmin recently revamped its iOS app offering, relaunching Garmin StreetPilot for the UK and Ireland at the beginning of August and promising "to get you to your location quickly, safely and economically using some of the most advanced features available in the navigation markets".

We took it for a spin, literally, to see if it succeeded.


Anyone familiar with Garmin's satnav devices will be right at home with the company's iOS attempt. It basically turns your iPhone into a mini satnav, complete with all the options and buttons that you're used to.

The route planning options are the same, the extra features such as points on interest and Google local search are the same, and even the maps, lane assistance images and 3D buildings are the same.

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You can also make use of the Garmin live traffic info, although you will have to pay extra for this - £2.99 a month or £21.99 for a year. Speed camera warnings are free though.

What's great about the StreetPilot app is it works directly with your iPhone's GPS features. It doesn't even need a 3G signal to load maps - they're all stored right on your handset (it's a hefty 809MB download mind).

Phone features that you won't have on your Garmin satnav are present too - including address book integration and the ability to call a location from the points of interest list.

£29.99 is a lot of money to spend on an app, we know, and with extra charges for live traffic; Garmin StreetPilot certainly isn't the cheapest app that we've featured on App of The Day. But if you're looking for a mobile navigation solution, you could do much worse than Garmin's effort.

The fact that maps are stored on your phone is fantastic, and the fact that it still works with no mobile coverage is very handy for anyone who lives in a 3G not-spot.

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If you're looking for absolute accuracy and pinpoint instructions, then splash out on a satnav device. If you're happy to be guided by an app that is almost perfect, it's £30 well spent.