Sport is very much the modern battlefield, both on the field of play and when it comes to selling you entertainment, with exclusive rights, packages and everything else, on offer.

The newest kid on the block, looking to shake things up and rival the likes of Sky Sports, is BT Sport. BT Sport offers its sports channels to BT Broadband and Infinity customers free of charge, as well as to Sky subscribers. The bit we're interested in today, however, is the app.

BT Sport

Google Play/iTunes

The BT Sport app is available on Android and iOS and we've been playing with it on Android to catch up with all the latest sporting action.

The app needs to grant you access and to gain this you'll have to log in to your BT account through its website before the app will let you in. This is a simple process and easily handled by the browser on your device, if prompted to do so.

The app then presents news up front, pulling up stories from all areas of sport. There's a left-hand menu that will give you access to different types of content, like live TV or video, as well as presenting the major sports in their own sections.

Those sections currently are Football, Rugby Union and Women in Sport, with a More Sport section taking you through to additional content from everywhere else - tennis, cricket and so on. There's a mixture of straight text-based news stories, as well as short video stories.

Most of the interest, we're sure, will be in the live TV offering. You'll be able to browse the schedule and see what's coming up across the channels - BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN.

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You can then click through to watch the live programming. The video playback window needs to be manually switched to full screen for the best viewing experience - unlike some, it doesn't automatically fill the screen.

The quality is pretty good and in the clips from UFC and various football matches, we've found it perfectly watchable.

There are some elements to the app we're yet to see: it will act as a second display when it comes to coverage of FA Premier League games, feeding you stats and extras. There will also be social interaction, so you can contribute polls and join in the discussion.

Importantly, BT says there will be some content that's exclusive to the app which you won't be able to access through the channels on your TV. Again, we're yet to see this in action, but we're sure it presents plenty of opportunities to nestle down with your tablet and lose yourself in a world of sport.

It's a great start for the fledgeling service and so far we've consumed more sports content though the app than we have through the TV. We're sure there will be plenty more developments as the sports seasons change too.