While all Apple laptop, desktop or Apple TV models come with a remote, it has to be said they are pretty basic, ugly and not really that useful. So can the iPhone or iPod touch do any better? We get button pressing to find out.

Free in the Apple App Store, Remote turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a remote control with which to control your Apple TV or iTunes on your PC or Mac.

All you have to do is download the software, install it on your iPhone (you can download it straight to your iPhone bypassing the PC altogether) and then pair your software or Apple TV with the iPhone.

Once done you then have full control over your iTunes library as long as you are connected to your Wi-Fi network. The interface is identical to the music application on both devices.

The results, as you can imagine, are considerably better than the supplied remotes. Rather than a simple button device giving you the option to go to the menu, fast-forward or go back, you have the ability to view playlists, artists, albums, as well as movies, podcasts, TV shows and even search. Once your song is selected you can then view album art or album details.

What's nice is that you can even set it up to support multiple iTunes libraries if you so wish. While you can't control both at the same time (that would be confusing) it does mean that you can use the remote in your lounge and on your computer.

Price when reviewed:

Remote turns the iPod touch or iPhone into something other than a phone/music player that allows you to have greater control over your iTunes or Apple TV library.

If you own an Apple TV and an iPhone or iPod touch this is a must have as it improves the Apple TV's usability no end and allows you to quickly find the tracks or media you are looking for without endless scanning through. Because it uses your Wi-Fi connection you don't have to have line of sight to change tracks - great for parties.

What's even better is that Apple has taken the decision to make this free so there is no excuse not to download it.