Apple has released a dedicated podcast app for its iPhone and iPad users, allowing them to find the latest podcasts quickly without having to worry about diving into iTunes. 

The simple to use app like iTunes presents users with Featured, Top charts and Search feature as well as quick access to their own podcast library.  

Those looking for something new to listen to can also see the top podcasts for a range of categories like Business, Health, Technology or News & Politics. 

apple podcast app for iphone and ipad pictures and hands on image 3

In an attempt to make it look a bit prettier than just a list of podcasts, the main Podcast interface shows "Top Stations" that lets you scroll through the top podcasts as if you were turning a radio dial - yes the Apple software team is still continuing to hark back to a bygone era rather than embrace the future like the hardware design team. 

When it comes to playing the Podcasts you'll get the ability to play, rewind, fast forward as you would expect, and a handy rewind 10 seconds button and fast forward 30 seconds button as well.

apple podcast app for iphone and ipad pictures and hands on image 3

There is also AirPlay support built in, an auto-download feature so you get the latest podcast without having to remember to download it first, and when it comes to picking the Top Stations you can highlight whether you want see audio only or video podcasts.

The simple to use app is available from the App Store. It is free. 

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