No app of the day yesterday, three today. That's just how we roll. Pocket-lint doesn't play to the rules.

And three belters too. There's no fart apps here, or mediocre games ripped off from classic console titles. Nope, it's professional all the way as the first fruit from the Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK) drops from the Adobe tree.

£1.79, £2.99, £1.19

The idea behind Adobe's Photoshop Touch SDK was simple - to allow developers to create apps that could compliment the Creative Suite 5.5 product family and most importantly, Photoshop.

These aren't standalone apps therefore - you'll need to have a recent version of Photoshop (12.0.4 or later) on your Mac or PC if you're really going to get the most out of them. But if you have, then these apps look bloomin' terrific.

First up is Color Lava which turns your iPad into a paint palette where you can create, mix and save colour schemes to use on your Adobe desktop programs. You can even interact in real time with the swatches on your desktop updating as your iPad repertoire grows.

Next is Adobe Eazel, which is a free hand painting app - where your finger is the brush and the iPad's screen your canvas. There are wet and dry paint options and you'll even see your work "dry" over time.

There are no menus to deal with, and no toolbars to handle - it's simply a case of getting busy using all the iPad's pixels you want.

Once you're finished simply send it to Photoshop, where it will show as a layer with an image four times its iPad size - that's a whopping 2048x1536 pixels.

Adobe Nav is designed to be an extension of your Photoshop toolbars. In real time you can control your desktop Photoshop using your iPad's touchscreen - thus creating a new set of control gestures available for the first time.

John Loiacono, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Media Solutions, Adobe, said:

“Tablet devices are destined to become part of creative workflows and these companion Photoshop applications are just the first indications of the creativity we can expect from Adobe and our developer community. With our Touch SDK, we are going to see some astonishing new ways to keep Photoshop at the heart of the creative process no matter what the device – desktop computer, Android tablet, BlackBerry PlayBook or iOS device.”

Firm indication then, that the Adobe Photoshop Touch apps, won't be confined to just the iPad for much longer.