Depending on which research you read, notebooks either outsell desktop PCs already or are expected to do so in the coming 12 months. With this growth in popularity it comes as no surprise to find notebook specific software now being released.

GData Notebook Security 2008 offers a comprehensive package of protection and includes the standard tools of personal firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing tools, as well as extra features that include backup and encryption tools. While these last two are essential for mobile users, we're not too sure the inclusion of parental controls is an essential notebook tool just yet.

Before you install the software it pays to run a BootScan of your notebook to see whether any viruses are already installed. GData takes this in to account, so the disc is bootable, so when you switch on your laptop it will boot from the optical drive and carry out the BootScan routine.

Once this has been carried out it's safe to load Windows and install the software. This can take some time, as it's a rather hefty install, especially when you add all the extra features. The interface is rather simple to follow with everything based around the Security Center and individual tags for each component.

The anti-virus package uses DoubleScan and OutBreak Shield, which can be found in GData's other online security programs. As can the firewall, which is optimised for games but not for working from different mobile locations.

We found the protection suite worked well and whether you load it on a notebook or a desktop PC, you'll find it'll keep your system safe.

Mobile workers tend to share or move data around so the inclusion of TopSecret, which offers encryption as well as a virtual drive for locking vital data away, works well. It can be set-up on your notebook's primary drive but can also be shared with a USB memory stick if necessary.

As the name suggests, Backup allows you to archive your files to a variety of places, with even 1GB of online storage supplied with the package and can be set-up through the Security Center.

Rounding out the package are a number of system tuning tools. While you'll be able to streamline your notebook and make sure you have the latest registry configuration, there are no tools for helping you get the most from your battery. This seems a missed opportunity and suggests the software isn't as mobile-specific as its name suggests.

What makes this a notebook security suite, instead of just for any PC, is the inclusion of a Kensington lock bundled with the software. This physical lock allows you to tether your notebook to a table or fixed chair leg, for example, to prevent someone walking off with your portable. The lock itself is a rather basic model, being a length of twisted steel with a key lock at one end. Coating the steel in plastic would have made it far more appealing but it works as intended.

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GData Notebook Security 2008 is a comprehensive collection of tools but it's not as truly mobile orientated as the name suggests. Sure, it'll help keep your notebook safe and secure but we'd have liked a few more dedicated mobile features.