Data backup on your PC should be high on your list of priorities but sadly for most people it isn’t. Should your system fail, will you lose all your media files? This is the question you should ask yourself. If the answer is yes, then can you afford to lose them?

Obviously, the answer to this second question is no, which is why System Mechanic exists, as it can help you backup files, as well as recover them should they become lost or corrupt.

System Mechanic has a second side, though, which is to help you speed up your PC and as the box proclaims "Makes your PC run like new". This is an ambitious claim but it can help clean up the registry and make the most of defragging your hard drive, so you will see a performance boost.

There are two versions on offer, the basic edition (£30) that allows you to backup and repair files, as well as edit the registry, while at the same optimise your system for better startup and run times. Then there is the obligatory spyware tools.

We tested the Professional version, which naturally includes all the features of the basic set and also includes data recovery, as well as data wiping. So, whether you’re trying to recover from a hard drive failure of simply want to wipe files prior to disposing of your hard disk, this suite works well. For internet tools there is also a firewall added, as well as anti-virus protection.

The interface is deceptively simple. You’ll find four boxes on the left-had side of the screen that when you click on them help you delve deeper in to the tools and system support for your machine. When you first look at it the information is basic and easy to understand. However, as you start to use it you’ll find it offers up plenty of information, allowing you to get as techie as you need to get with it.

Under Tools, for instance, you’ll find utilities to help you speed-up performance. You can choose the easy TotalCare approach that will carry out all tasks for you, or you can choose individual tasks to carry out using the individual task boxes.

True, many of the tools on offer are already in Windows but you’ll need to know they are there - or have a mate who understands them - to make the most of the features, which is why System Mechanic works. It helps the novice user to get the most of their PC without having to understand why they need to do it.

You wouldn’t want to use the internet protection tools on their own, as you won’t find the same level of coverage you’ll find from a dedicated suite but used alongside other tools, it works fine. The main features of the suite, though, really do make this package worth investing in. The hardest part of setting up a regular backup routine is remembering to run it. System Mechanic comes with ActiveCare, which allows you automatically set it up.

Price when reviewed:

Iolo System Mechanic Pro 7.5 offers a great set of tools for anyone looking to fine tune their PC and generally backup their files.