If you use more than one PC, or have a computer at home and take a notebook out and about with you, the idea of backing up your important files to the Internet may have crossed your mind. It’s a growth area and one that is proving popular with multiple-PC users. After all, it doesn’t matter where you’re working from, as long as you have access to your critical data.

BullGuard offer a full online security suite but if you’re happy with your current set-up you can easily add this independent tool that allows you to backup your files to the internet. The interface is simple and straightforward with an icon sitting in your system tray waiting to be accessed. When it comes to uploading your files there is a simple wizard that makes it easy for even first-time users to get things online. You can set for incremental backups and with 128-bit encryption, you’ll data will be as safe as though it were on your own hard drive. A window displays all your backed up files, when they were last uploaded and even when a refresh is due.

The package includes up to 3GB of online space. However, if you need more you can but up to 5GB of space but this is where the cost of the product starts to escalate. Each additional GB will cost you £10, which may not be too bad but if you opt for the full 5GB you’re effectively doubling the cost of the product. There are more cost-effective solutions out-there but few are as easy to configure or use on a regular basis.

Problems start if you have anything other than a standard setup. It only works with Internet Explorer at the moment, which may limit its appeal to those who use alternatives such as Opera of Firefox. On the plus side, as it works seamlessly with Outlook and Outlook Express, you’ll be able to get access to you messages through Explorer.

Price when reviewed:

BullGuard Backup is a great standalone tool that you don’t need to use with BullGuard’s other products and while it’s not without its flaws, it works well and is easy to get to grips with.

While the company suggests you can upload and save all your multimedia files online, the price sort of prohibits this at the moment, so we’d suggest using it for your vital data and anything you wouldn’t want to lose – like photos of the family – should your PC crash.