So you've got an important email on your BlackBerry that you need to print, however you are miles away from the office.

In steps PremiereAnywhere a small application that once installed on your email handheld device will allow you to print to any fax machine in the world at the press of a button.

The software, which costs £10 to set up and then around £3 a month enables users of mobile devices to print emails and more than 130 types of attachments thus overcoming the need to wait until you get back to the office to sync with a computer.

For your money you get 30 pages worth of faxes within the cost of the monthly subscription and additional faxes cost 10p thereafter.

Printing is as easy as selecting the attachment you want to view on your BlackBerry and entering the number of any local fax machine. If you are sending the document to someone in another office you can also opt to send a coversheet.

Two minutes later our test email popped out of said nearby fax machine and we were done. The application even stores the last fax number you've printed to, to save you time if it’s a regular thing.

Installation is via download directly to your handheld device and the only thing to bear in mind is that your print outs do carry the PremiereAnywhere logo on them.

Price when reviewed:

PremiereAnywhere is a simple yet highly effective application for your BlackBerry if you are always looking for a way to print emails and documents on the go either in your surrounding area or back to the office's fax machine.

However at £3.33 a month for 30 pages you've got to really want to print quite a bit to justify the price point. It would be far more use to occasional users if Premiere Global Services offered an ad hoc service once you paid your initial set up fee, but that unfortunately isn't possible.

Really only suited for those who need to print all the time.