It's common for the even the most powerful of PCs to slow down over time.

Whether it's the programs we install, badly organised file systems, or the amount of files clogging up the cache, it can all add up to a drastic slow down in system performance.

The best way to keep on top of such things is with a regular spring clean. Fix-It 6 basically brings together all the tools you need in one package to get the job done and for the most part we found it did exactly as it said in the name.

The beauty of this program lies in the easy interface and less-fuss approach to getting the job done. When it comes to installing the utilities you'll find three separate programs - the Fix-It utilities themselves, a recovery commander, and a file-manager function.

Even if you've never used a diagnosis program before you'll quickly get to grips with Fix-It as it's based around a standardised wizard: Fix-Wizard, which is used to not only locate any problems but also to fix them. The tool can also be used to spot any potential problems usually related to installing new software or drivers.

If you simply want to give your system a quick clean without dealing with all the applications, you can always opt for the All-in-One Wizard, which runs through all the above tasks in one fell swoop.

Away from the registry fix tools, you'll also find an array of utilities to help diagnose other programs with your computer. So, you'll find an anti-virus program, disk and file tools, system registry tools, system diagnostic tools, and system protection tools, which in themselves are worth the price of entry but may this a great value-for-money bundle of tools.

Perhaps the most practical will be the system registry tool, as it allows you to defrag, clean and edit your registry. True, you can do this within Windows itself but this is as simple as it gets. For instance, Registry Cleaner offers you five categories you can choose to clean up, which include a recent documents list, a find computer list, a run list, a documents-find list, as well as a tip of the day. Registry repairs are handled by a built-in fixer, which can also check for possible programs and suggest fixes at the push of a button.

If you're installing this program on a notebook, you'll particularly appreciate the inclusion of Smartcheck, which allows you to check for programs with your hard drive using a Hard Disk Failure Early Warning System that is as long as your drive supports the technology.

Price when reviewed:

The wizard-based tools offer simple one-click solutions to most problems and we found it quickly cleaned and spruced up our test PC. However, when it comes to telling you what it has actually done, there is little in the way of documentation. If you're one of those users who aren't too concerned how tools work, as long as they do, then Fix-it is definitely for you.