It makes the world go round but you can't buy love with it. It walks, it talks, it's the root of all evil, but all we want is dirty cash. The country has none, but fortunately banks do, and some of that filthy lucre goes into app development.

Mother always said that if you look after the pennies, the pounds would look after themselves, and this app might just make that easier. Today, we're looking at Barclays Mobile Banking.

Barclays Mobile Banking

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The Barclays Mobile Banking app will give you access to your Barclays Bank accounts in a similar way to Barclays' online banking website, but the app saves you some of steps to actually get to your details.

Following install, you have to go through a verification process for your device. Verification involves entering a code you receive via SMS, to verify the phone number, as well as a PIN verification either using the PINSentry or via a Barclays cash point.

We chose the former option, as we've been using PINSentry for some time for online banking and the process will take you a few minutes. Following that, you'll get access to your accounts. Subsequent access will then be in the form of a passcode you enter each time you open the app, which you can choose.

Within the app there are three main sections. The first shows you the details for your accounts, with balances. If you have a number of accounts, as long as they're all linked, you'll find them here. That also includes your Barclaycard, if you have one, so it's a convenient way to keep an eye on your credit card too.

Tapping an account pulls up the details, where you can see money that's gone in, money that's gone out, as well as regular payments. This means you can quickly see if someone has been paid.

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The next section offers your payments. From here you can make a payment from your current account to those accounts you've paid recently. Importantly, you can't just pay random people, meaning that should someone get into your device and get access to your accounts, they can't then pay themselves all your money.

The last section is transfers, where you can move money around between your own accounts. If you decide that you want to buy that teak garden table and have to raid your savings, you can instantly move the money over and then pay with your debit card.

Those are the main functions of the app and we've found it useful as a constant hook, meaning Mother is happy, because we can constantly watch the pennies.

There are a few other elements to the app. One is mobile PINSentry. This will let you use your device to verify yourself. We've yet to find a situation where we've had to use it, but it's there. You can also manage how your statements are delivered: do you still need paper if you're watching online?

Overall, the Barclays Mobile Banking app is a useful tool for those looking to manage their accounts on the move.