To look up in the sky at any given moment you might not realise quite how much is going on up there. We see planes from time to time, but it's easy to forget that for every one you can see there are probably several you can't. So that's where Plane Finder 3D comes in. It can show you, in real time, where all the aircraft are above key global airports. 

Plane Finder 3D

iPhone/iPod Touch and Android
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Seeing planes in an app is nothing new, there are other apps that can do this, indeed pinkfroot limited which makes this app, has a standard tracker itself. What this app does, is allow you to soar through the sky with the aircraft as they land, take off or go about their journeys.

Perhaps most impressive is that the planes also move through the sky in something approaching real-time. We're sure this information is a little delayed, but it certainly looks impressive, and the skies above London are so packed it's actually mildly terrifying to think how much metal is soaring around above us.

Not only can you see planes, but attached to them are their flight numbers. So if you're waiting for a friend to get to the airport you can find their flight and see it come in to land. What's more, tapping a plane gives you information about where the plane took off, and where it's landing.

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And wannabe pilots can also "fly" with the aircraft and see them going about their air-based business. This is pretty cool, although it's also a bit dull after a while too. Even so, anyone with even the vaguest interest in flying will enjoy having a peek into the skies.

You can also launch Plane Finder, which will give you more information about the flight and aircraft you're looking at. You'll need to cough up an extra £2 for that app, but plane spotters may well already have it, and this 3D app is a natural companion to it. The two together are only £4, so it's not a king's ransom.

You can choose from several bits of airspace from around the world. London is here, along with LA, Paris, New York and more - about 32 in total - but the company says it will add more airspace all the time, which is very cool.

Perhaps the only disappointment is that you can't search for a specific flight and find it on the map. That would be a great feature, and one we'd love to see introduced later. And if they could build Google maps or Earth in as the background, that would be just about the best thing ever. Happy aviating everyone!