Some apps boast incredible graphics, or console quality gameplay, but others go back to basics, strip things back and deliver a simple gameplay experience that you just can't get enough of.

In the case of Crazy Jump, things err on the side of simple. Really simple. In fact, aside from the colour screen, this game makes Snake II look complex. But that's the way we like it.

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This app is all about speed and how you manage it. The better you get, the faster it goes. All you need to do is guide a small dot through the single-screen assault course in front of it and then move on to the next level.

Each time you tap the screen, the dot will jump. The longer you tap your finger, the bigger the jump. It really is that simple. Think of Crazy Jump slightly like a sideways Doodle Jump, except for even simpler. The more levels you clear, the harder the number of jumps you need to execute becomes.

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Along the way you will see star shapes and other pick ups. Grab these and you will get yourself a point. The more times you die by not making jumps, the fewer points you get. The game can come to an end and it will save your high scores in a leaderboard saved within the app.

There are three difficulty settings from which to choose. Avoid hard, it is so incredibly, frustratingly, infuriatingly difficult, that you will never even come close to finish the first ten levels unless you have reactions similar to Bishop from Aliens. If you stick with easy, then you will have 120 levels of fairly simple stuff to work through, most of which sit just the right side of difficult.

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The app isn't going to last you a huge amount of time in terms of unique gameplay, but as a repetitive, score-obsessed type of game, then it has things nailed. Download it for free and play it for 10 minutes on the train - exactly what app gaming is all about.