With each smartphone launch, more attention is lavished on the camera. More lens elements, better sensor, more features and functions.

There's no shortage of apps to help improve your photos once you've taken them either and we've looked at plenty here on Pocket-lint. Today's App of the day once again looks at a great photo editing app, this time from Aviary.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Free (but extras cost)
Google Play

You might recognise the name Aviary as you'll find these editing tools integrated into the Flickr website. Here in app form you have a suite of editing options at your disposal.

At the top level you can choose to shoot a new photo to edit, or you can edit existing photos on your smartphone. Once selected, you have a range of tools covering enhancements and effects.

With the image preview dominating most of the display, the bottom toolbar lets you swipe through the main categories for adjustment, before diving in to get to the changes you want to make. 

app of the day photo editor by aviary review android  image 3

It covers most bases, from regular cropping and rotating, to changing the saturation, brightness or contrast. These basic options will often help to improve a photo that hasn't quite turned out how you wanted it.

But then there are also effects to change the style of your image, with all the usual suspects in place, covering retro effects and a whole lot more. Once in the effects section, you can simply tap through and see the results, which look great.

There are also some additional extras that can be downloaded to add more options. First up there are some free frames, but then there's a selection of extras that will cost you. If you're a big fan of the Photo Editor by Aviary, then perhaps you'll be tempted, but this is a compelling enough option without.

There are some clever options too. There's focus adjuster that will let you select part of your image to be in focus for added impact, or create that "miniature" effect which is popular.

app of the day photo editor by aviary review android  image 2

There's also a nice "splash" option that will let you remove colour from certain sections, so you could, for example, have a black and white image with just a highlight in colour.

You can also create memes, but some of the most interesting options are in the settings, where you can choose where to save edited images, as well as restricting the size, if you wish, which could be useful for make high-res shots faster to send off to social networks on the move.

Altogether, Photo Editor by Aviary is a great app for those looking to get the most out of their mobile photos.