Tower defence games are ten a penny on Android, but few are as fun or as exciting as Hills of Glory 3D. Set in the Second World War, the app tasks you with defending a bunker from increasingly tough waves of enemies. 

You use a combination of swiping and tap moves to attack the bad guys, all the while upgrading your bunker and further bolstering defences. It sounds pretty bog-standard stuff, but as free apps go, it is plenty addictive and has its own unique twist on standard 

Hills of Glory 3D

Free (in app purchases)
Google Play

From the start, Hills of Glory walks you through things pretty simply. The game likes to hold your hand at first, but then, once the training wheels are taken off, it gets a lot harder.

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On top of the usual upgrades for your tower, or bunker, the game relies on a tap and swipe gameplay style. A napalm strike for example, requires you to drag two fingers across the screen, but it has a cool down. You can tap a soldier to shoot him and each hit will change the colour of the uniform, letting you know how many more hits they require. 

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Then there is the world map, which you gradually conquer as the game goes on. In-app purchases come into play when you start to run out of cash. You can obtain money from shooting soldiers, but you will need to spend big bucks to repair your bunker using airdrops. If you are good enough at the game however, repairs are rarely required.

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Weapon variety is good and the simple tap-and-swipe gameplay is enjoyable. One issue is with the camera, which needs the ability to zoom in or out. We often found an unnoticed group of soldiers doing damage to our bunker down the bottom of the screen. All in all though, a good free app and worth a download. It isn't huge either, despite the graphics, so wont take too long to download if you fancy grabbing something before you head out on a long journey.