If it's clever puzzle games that tickle your fancy, then today's App of the day might be just the thing. It follows the lead of games like the eminently playable Where's my Water? and is wonderfully detailed with plenty to challenge.

But rather than water and sewer-dwelling animals looking for a shower, this is all about 3D puzzling, using gears and working on all sides of the puzzle.


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Cogs, as the name suggests, is a game that’s predominantly about Cogs. Each level is a puzzle where you have to slide pieces around to solve the problem, and naturally you're doing this against the clock and trying to achieve success in as few moves as possible.

The levels have something of a vintage industrial look to them, like this is steampunk lite, which graphically we like. The use of 3D animation adds an element that's often missing from games, making them somewhat linear. Here, you can rotate puzzles, often with elements that roll around corners.

That means there’s the opportunity for plenty of variety in the game, from getting bells to ring, to triggering a jack-in-the-box. There are 50 different puzzles and to unlock those puzzles you have to earn stars.

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Stars are rewarded in three areas: for completing a puzzle, getting a fast time and keeping the number of moves to a minimum. Each level needs a certain number of stars to unlock it, meaning there's a good chance you'll be able to unlock several levels so you have windows available for games to play.

That means that if you get stuck, you can just jump to the next and keep playing. The alternative game modes will let you challenge yourself by limiting the time or the number of moves, although once you know the solution to a puzzle, that’s not such a challenge.

It will cost you £1.86 for Cogs, and you should get around 10 hours of play from it. It feels a little too pricey alongside those 69p mobile games, but we love the concept and it's a well put together app.