We love simple games. They suit mobile gaming really well because you’re not encumbered by fiddly controls, and they lend themselves to the sorts of games you can dip in and out of.

There are plenty to choose from too, but today we’re looking at a recent puzzler to land on Android that provides simple entertainment.


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Lazors is a puzzle game in which you have to divert the lasers to hit the targets. To do so, you move blocks around the game, deflecting the path of the laser beam.

It sounds simple, but there’s plenty to present a challenge. There are different types of blocks, for starters, as well as limited places that you can position them. There are also multiple targets, so you’ll have to think about every block placement along the path of the beam.

To help you along the way there is a hint system. As you progress you earn more hints, but this is where Lazors potentially looks to take your cash, offering to sell you more hints once you get stuck, with 20 hints costing you 69p. It’s not going to break the bank, and at least this is an ad-free game.

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There are a number of levels to progress through, starting with the Tutorial and heading all the way up to the hard Diamond level. One of the things we like about Lazors is that the levels aren’t locked, so you can start playing any level you like. That means that if you get stuck, you can move on to something else.

However, each level has 10 games and you have to complete the first to progress to the next, and it’s only at the end that you are rewarded more hints.

It’s a simple concept of a game, but at times it can be really frustrating, because you know that there are only so many possibilities to complete the level. But that’s the sort of puzzle game we like, something that makes you think.

Simple, fun and free, Lazors will fill a few moments, so is well worth a try.