We know what you're thinking: Fishing as a computer game - how can that be good? Ridiculous Fishing really proves its name's point: it has guns, guts and, er, hairdryers. But it'll hook you in in no time - this is as classic a game app as they come.

Ridiculous Fishing

iPhone, iPad

Ridiculous Fishing has wonderful two-dimensional graphics reminiscent of a classic Nintendo title, is easy to play and - apart from its £1.99 purchase price - doesn't rest on the evils of in-app purchases either. You play, you earn your keep by delving deeper into the watery depths and along the way get the satisfaction of mowing down jellyfish with chainsaws. Ridiculous? Yes. Brilliant? Certainly.

You play Billy, a fisherman who has some radical methods. But you'd already figured that out with the mention of chainsaws and guns. 

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A tap of the Apple device's screen releases Billy's deep-diving fishing line, while left and right tilt will reposition it - integral to play mechanics as you'll want to avoid those underwater nasties, such as jellyfish. The rarer fish live deeper below the water line and once a fish meets hook Billy begins to pull it back up.

On this return journey you can hook on to extra fish, to collect a full bounty that could potentially consist of several dozen sharks and the like - obviously ridiculous on a single line, but made us smile - and, as they surface, you then have to "blow their gills off" with finger-tapping firepower. You start with a pistol, but more fish caught means you'll turn them into money in the bank and in no time you'll be upgrading from shotgun to Uzi to minigun. Y'know, those typical fishing implements.

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There are stacks of items to buy in the store - from incremental line lengths to toasters that electrocute the first fish struck, right through to fuel tanks to power propelled lines deeper into the depths. Only those hard-earned in-game dollars can be spent, as there's no real world money changing hands here - and we applaud the developers for that decision. It's £1.99 all in.

You'll need to be shrewd with your cash and fish a-plenty to gather up the right tools. Each area on the map has a set number of species and it's your goal to catch them all to reveal new maps with additional species.

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Buy the Fish-O-Pedia from the shop and there's a whole catalogue of fish that you've caught along with those you haven't. It feels like a great success when you nab that last fish and can move from the shallow home waters to deeper, icier depths. It gets trickier to navigate the depths with success, while the deepest waters will require lamps and fuel to find the rarest of species.

All this can quickly get repetitive, but then there's no need to play the game on and on - although it is the app equivalent of juicy bait and we found ourselves repeatedly lured in.

Great fun, and thoroughly recommended next time you're fishing around for a new time-killing app.